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Best Firearm-Friendly POS Systems 2024

Choosing the right POS system for your firearm business is not easy. With multiple POS options offering different functionalities, there is so much to consider. What type of POS hardware do you need? Which systems fit within your desired budget? Is a mobile POS terminal right for your business? We will help you answer those questions in this guide!

What is a Firearm-Friendly POS System?

A firearm-friendly POS system specifically caters to the needs of gun retailers. The functionalities a gun-friendly POS system provides helps gun retailers easily streamline business operations. A firearm retailer could definitely use a normal POS system to conduct business, but things like gun range management, firearms class/lessons scheduling, and proper compliance will not be included. There are a few key differences between a normal POS system and a firearm-friendly POS system.

What Makes a Firearm-Friendly POS System Different?

Since guns are tracked using serial numbers, inventory management is used differently. Managing inventory using serial numbers is more efficient and streamlined for a gun retailer. Firearm POS systems also have to follow strict compliance and regulations. For example, gun retailers must follow ATF regulations (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) to maintain accurate sales and transaction records. A firearm-friendly POS system has that capability.


Select gun-friendly POS systems even offer NICS background checks which are mandatory before selling any firearm. Firearm POS systems typically include enhanced data security as well. This makes it difficult for sensitive information to be stolen. 


The last key difference we will mention is the training and employee management. Firearm POS systems offer compliant training modules to train employees on federal and state firearm regulations. Now we know what makes a gun-friendly POS system unique, what should you consider when choosing the right system for your business?

How to Choose the Right Firearm POS System?

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding which firearm POS is right for your business. Which POS integrations will you be seeking? How customizable can you get? Does your POS system offer the correct hardware? Let’s take a look at the most important considerations and how they can fit the unique needs of your business.

POS Integrations

One of the most-used firearm POS integrations is ID scanning. Since most states require customers to be 18-21 to purchase a firearm, ID scanning integrations are essential for your business. Other popular integrations include inventory tracking, compliance reporting, and background checking. Create a list of which integrations your company needs from a POS system and find an option that fits your needs.


If you are a small business, scalability may not be an up-front issue. For larger firearm retailers, choosing a POS system that will scale with you is essential. POS systems differ in scalability by how many items they can manage, how many transactions can be completed, and how many integrations can be used. If your business is large, consider a POS with high inventory management and transaction capabilities.

Hardware Requirements

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Depending on how and where you do business, your POS hardware will differ. Hardware such as a mobile credit card reader is not necessary for your business. But a receipt printer is required. When browsing through gun-friendly POS systems, consider various hardware such as barcode scanners, POS terminals, receipt printers, card readers, cash drawers, and ID scanners.

Features & Functionality

Which POS functionalities are required to run a firearm retail business? Firearm-friendly POS systems are unique as they offer functionalities such as regulatory compliance, compliance training, range management, and ammunition tracking. If these are features that you are looking to prioritize, view our list of the top firearm-friendly POS systems below!


The last thing to consider when choosing a firearm-friendly POS system is how customizable it is. Customizable aspects of software like user interfaces, compliance tools, and workflow adjustments are crucial to running your business. Hardware customizability is also essential when considering things like durability, design, and serial number scanners for streamlined inventory management. Ensure the POS system you choose can be customized to fit your business’s needs.

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Top Firearm POS Systems in 2024

Now that we know what your business should consider when choosing a firearm-friendly POS system, we will dive into what we believe are the top POS systems in 2024. With multiple gun-friendly POS systems to choose from, there are a few that emerge above the rest.


PayAnywhere is known for its real-time insights, virtual terminal options, inventory management, and customer management solutions. If you are looking for a POS system that includes multiple hardware options like mobile readers and dual-screen countertops displays, then PayAnywhere is a great option for your firearms business.

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Clover is one of the most well-known point-of-sale providers and offers a line of mobile and retail terminals. Clover’s all-in-one, customizable POS system offers real-time reporting, unique hardware options, cloud-based solutions, and team management services. Speak with an expert at Coast 2 Coast Payments to get started with a Clover POS system!

Defender POS

Defender POS is our top gun-friendly choice for 2024. Specializing in firearms point of sale, Defender POS’s products are designed to make selling firearms as simple and efficient as possible. Some of its key features include firearms management, mobile POS capabilities,

customer management, e-commerce management, and

customer service. Coast 2 Coast Payments offers Defender POS systems. Get in touch to learn more!

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In conclusion, the most important factors to consider when choosing a gun-friendly POS system are scalability, customization, functionality, hardware, and POS integrations. Keeping all of these in mind, we believe Clover, PayAnywhere, and Defender POS are your best options. If you are ready to get started with a firearm-friendly POS system, get in touch with us today!

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